Custom Airbrush Painting
About Wooki'z Airbrush Studio...
Wooki’z Airbrush Studio, also known as Just Imagine Designs, has been creating amazing custom artistry since 1995.

The founder, Robert Lukasiewicz (Wooki), loved to draw and sketch as far back as he can remember. The passion for his profession, together with his natural talent and amazing attention to detail, enables Robert to transform any vision into a magnificent piece of art.

Our studio specializes in high quality, unique one-of-a-kind designs. We focus mostly on motorcycles and helmets, but we also do airbrushing on cars and any type of vehicle, object or wall mural. In fact when it comes to our painting, IMAGINATION is the only limit! We take great pride in our craftsmanship so that you will be proud of your ride.

In case you are wondering how much it costs to express your individuality like the various examples on our website, please keep in mind that each project is unique and is affected by the different design elements, their complexity and size. Nevertheless, you can be sure that our pricing is very competitive and fair.

For answers to any of your questions or to make an appointment contact us!